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Modelling - Australian Modelling Directory for Aspiring Models
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About Us

Modelling.com.au is not an agency in the traditional sense, we do not present models. We provide online service for models/talents, industry professionals and casting agents to display their portfolios and help talents to get job opportunities from model agencies, casting directors, publishers, film/video makers and other organisations.

A big advantage of modelling.com.au over a typical modelling or talent agency is that, unlike an agency which takes 20% commission on every dollar you make, Modelling.com.au takes no commission - $0 - from each job you get through your portfolio!

Additional advantages of Modelling.com.au over a local agency:

1. You may live in Sydney (for example) and have a unique look or talent that fits the market in Paris and London but not Sydney, which means that unless you get worldwide casting exposure through Modelling.com.au, you are missing valuable opportunities!

2. An agency in Sydney may send your photo (along with 50 others) to local castings for catalog work but not to castings for editorial or television. On Modelling.com.au, your portfolio will be seen by casting agents from around the world looking for talent & models for editorial, television, film, commercials, runway and more!

3. With Modelling.com.au you have the opportunity to get modelling contracts not only with local agencies in Sydney but also top agencies in New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo... anywhere in the world!

If you already have an agency: Your participation in Modelling.com.au should not conflict with any modelling/talent agency contracts. You and your agency should only benefit from your increased exposure.

A bonus for you - If you choose not to go through an agency for the jobs you get on Modelling.com.au, you will not have to pay any commission on the money you make!

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