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Modelling - Australian Modelling Directory for Aspiring Models
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Become a Scout for Talent / Model / Professionals - Earn up to 40% commission plus reccurring fee within 12mths!

Help us fulfill the huge casting demand and supply for fresh talent
for modelling, commercials, movies and film/TV work!

Modelling Agencies, Acting Agencies and Photography Studios:
Send aspiring models, actors and child talent our way and receive commissions! Register Now!

Committed to Success - Help Satisfy the Demand for Talent
Modelling.com.au is committed to the success of our Web site and to its use in the industry. We feel that our Web site is only useful if it has a large number of talented performers available for a large selection of casting requirements around the world.

You can help people achieve their dreams and earn up to 40% commission per referral plus recurring fees within 12 months!

  • Signing up 1-3 Gold Members in a month, we will pay 10% commission

  • Signing up 4-6 Gold Members in a month, we will pay 20% commission

  • Signing up 7-9 Gold Members in a month, we will pay 30% commission

  • Signing up 10 or more Gold Members in a month, we will pay 40% commission Our membership starts from $19.95/mth to $119.95/year, at 40%, your commission is $48 for referring a one year gold membership!

    It's as easy as 1-2-3! Here's how to do it: (more details after you are approved)

    • STEP 1 - Apply to become a Scout by filling out the Scout Registration Form. If you are approved, we will provide you with a Scouter Reference Number.
    • STEP 2 - Scout talent. Record the potentials' name, email address and send to us with your Reference Number. Alternatively, the potential model can apply on-line themselves quoting your Reference Number.
    • STEP 3 -Start making commissions! After application acceptance, we will pay you the appropriate Scouting Fee.

      PLEASE NOTE: IT IS ILLEGAL TO GUARANTEE JOB OFFERS OR AGENCY PLACEMENT. Instead, you may direct talent to the "Casting Calls" page at modelling.com.au where we display recent job offers and agency placements that talent on our site have gotten. We follow-up with all scouted talent to verify and ensure the professionalism of our freelance scouting representatives.

  • Alternatively, join our affiliate programs, and get commission whenever your referred customer become a Gold Member. We enabled 365 day cookie to track your customers! Affiliate program will be ready shortly.

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